PosTVac Vacuum Therapy: A Proven Treatment for ED

There are a number of natural and prescription treatments for erectile dysfunction. However, for men who take certain blood pressures medications, prescription medications are not an option because they reduce the effectiveness of their other pills. If, then, the natural remedies don't work, what options are left? Many men over 50 have found success in treating erectile dysfunction using vacuum therapy.

How the PosTVac System works

While oral medication offers a 60 to 70% success rate for men suffering with erectile dysfunction, while vacuum therapy boasts a 90% success rate. Vacuum therapy is performed using an erectile dysfunction pump. Basically, a penis ring is inserted into the bottoms of a cylinder; lubricant is applied to the penis, and the penis is inserted into the pump, with the pump fitting tightly against the base of the penis and the body. Suction is initiated by a manual or battery operated pump motor. The negative pressure increases blood flow through the penis and encourages an erection, relieving the erectile dysfunction.

When to use the PosTVac Therapy Device

The male body generally experiences four to five nocturnal erections. Men suffering erectile dysfunction do not experience any, causing the penis to atrophy. The problem then perpetuates itself, leading the man to experience further and more pronounced symptoms. The pump, used at night, to encourage these nightly erections.  It can also be used prior to sexual activity, the pump being removed once the erection is achieved.

Benefits of the PosTVac

The vacuum pump offers a non invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction with a high incidence of success. Many men appreciate the opportunity to seek relief that doesn't involve surgery or taking medications that may have side effects or interfere with other medications they may take.


While vacuum therapy is a tried and true treatment for erectile dysfunction, some men are leery of using such a tool. It is not a subtle treatment and does have a negative effect on spontaneity. Men considering this treatment should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages before choose their preferred course of treatment.

Everyday Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, formerly known as impotence can be caused by a number of factors, including illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure; pelvic trauma or injury; and nerve damage caused by prostate, colon, or kidney surgery. However, erectile dysfunction is common among young men who don't have any of these issues. In cases such as these simple, every day factors may be to blame.


If you are a young man dealing with erectile dysfunction who is not dealing with any of these illnesses or issues, you should look at your daily habits to ascertain the causes of your erection issues. Smokers, for example, are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than non-smokers. Smoking inhibits blood circulation, and if you smoke two or more cigarettes per day, you have a high chance of restricting blood flow in your penis, which will cause erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol Use

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will have a depressive effect on your nervous system, restricting the necessary signals to create an erection. Erectile dysfunction will not necessarily occur with moderate drinking, but long term overuse of alcohol will be detrimental to your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. You may even be affected at times when you are not drinking.


Excessive stress and tension can lead to erectile dysfunction; those who are under constant stress or strain often experience difficulties in achieving an erection at some point in their lives. This is probably a secondary symptom caused by high blood pressure or heart issues in relation to your lifestyle.

Drug Use

Illicit drug use, such as use of marijuana or cocaine can negatively affect your ability to maintain an erection. Some drugs depress the nervous system, while others increase your blood pressure and stimulate your heart rate. In either case, your blood flow or your nervous system are adversely affected, leading to erectile dysfunction.